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By | March 9, 2023


One of the men admitted that the gang specialized in creating fake pages for well-known shops and restaurants with the aim of defrauding customers

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Published: Thursday 9 March 2023, 08.02

Three men of Asian descent have been sentenced to three months in prison, followed by deportation by a misdemeanor court, for running a popular restaurant chain’s fake website to obtain card information of customers ordering food.

Through this, they were able to obtain the card data of an Asian man who ordered food, and stole Dh4,700 from his account. The court ordered the convicts to pay back the stolen amount, and the police confiscated all the phones used in the crime, shut down the fake website, banned them from using the information network for six months, and deported them from the country.

According to police records, the Asian man who had been conned filed a report alleging that he saw a promotional advertisement on social media about chicken food at a well-known fast food restaurant, in which he divulged his card details to order food for Dh45.

Later, the man received messages indicating that Dh4,700 had been withdrawn from his account, as well as messages indicating attempts to withdraw more money – so he contacted the bank and froze the card, and notified the police.

A team of cybercrime investigators tracked down the scam and concluded that someone had used the stolen bank card data to purchase goods from a well-known electronic application. The man was arrested in Dubai, after which he confessed about the location of his accomplices, and all of them were arrested

During the investigation, the man admitted that he was a member of a gang spread across different countries, where one group specialized in creating fake pages for well-known shops and restaurants, another group worked on promotions to attract buyers, and another group worked on getting banks.

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