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New evidence claims to show Florida insurance carriers defrauding customers – money.andronezia.com

Hurricane Ian was replaced by howls of angry homeowners for not being able to fix their house. New evidence in allegations against insurance carriers claims that they defrauded customers of their claims. The evidence comes from multiple complainants who share evidence with a watchdog group, the American Policyholder Association. WINK News spoke with the organization’s… Read More »

Rihanna sparks pregnancy rumors during Super Bowl show – Nextlavel

Rihanna sparks pregnancy rumors during Super Bowl show Rihanna is currently performing the Super Bowl halftime show. While the show, itself, is sparking mixed reviews from fans, they all agree on one thing. Because of Rihanna’s weight, people are thinking she’s pregnant again. Last year, Rihanna publicly debuted her son, with A$AP Rocky. Now, the… Read More »