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Money expert who RETIRED at age 36 reveals her top two hacks for paying off credit card debt faster – money.andronezia.com

Rachel Covert, 37, from Massachusetts, works part time as a financial coach He went viral after sharing his hack to pay off credit card debt Covert suggests ditching your credit card and starting making lots of payments A financial expert who retired at the age of 36 has lifted the lid on a simple but… Read More »

xQc reveals someone was secretly using his credit card without him knowing – money.andronezia.com

Twitch superstar xQc just revealed on stream that someone has been secretly using his credit card without his knowledge, and he’s not happy about it. Twitch’s self-described ‘juicer’ has long been the platform’s reigning streaming king, and that of course means he’s pretty wealthy. From losing half a million bets to gambling nine-figure sums on… Read More »