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US officials talked about raising deposit insurance without Congress-sources – money.andronezia.com

WASHINGTON, March 21 (Reuters) – Administration officials discussed the idea of ​​increasing deposit insurance without obtaining approval from Congress as they brainstorm different approaches to solving the turmoil in banking, two sources familiar with the talks said Tuesday. The idea, potentially using the Treasury Department’s Exchange Stabilization Fund, was first floated by government officials during… Read More »

Congress weighs raising FDIC insurance cap – money.andronezia.com

While these limits are not a problem for most individuals, businesses that do own a bank are Silicon Valley Bank would be in deep trouble if federal regulators did not take the unprecedented steps to protect all deposits. It’s not clear that the same steps will be taken for depositors at smaller banks, as Treasury… Read More »

State Employee Benefits Commission considering raising health insurance premiums to manage deficit – money.andronezia.com

The Delaware State Employees Benefits Commission could increase employee health insurance premiums to close the growing gap between income and insurance claims costs. As the number of retired civil servants soared, Delaware’s healthcare costs skyrocketed. Retirees generally cost more to insure, and the state projects a difference of about $25 million between premium and claims… Read More »