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Bipartisan Senate duo reignites efforts to cap private insurance insulin cost at $35  – money.andronezia.com

A bipartisan Senate duo is working to reignite efforts to cap insulin costs for everyone with private insurance, not just Medicare. The updated law introduced by Senators Raphael Warnock (D-Ga.) and John Kennedy (R-La.) on Thursday will cap the price of insulin at $35 for everyone using private insurance, and will also extend that discount… Read More »

Managed care revolution changes the reality of public and private healthcare insurance – BG Independent News – money.andronezia.com

By JULIE CARLE BG Independent News The differences between public and private health insurance in the United States are not as disparate as most Americans would believe. “The majority of public health costs are managed by private insurance companies even if they are on Medicare or Medicaid,” says Dr. Amanda Cook, professor of economics at… Read More »

Complete Video: Hareem Shah Says ‘Friends’ Leaked Her Private Videos (Watch)

Complete Video: Hareem Shah Says ‘Friends’ Leaked Her Private Videos (Watch). Following the release of several of the TikToker’s videos, which she claimed were leaked by “close pals” Sandal Khattak and Ayesha Naz, the newest issue surrounding social media phenomenon Hareem Shah surfaced. Shah’s films went popular on social media on Tuesday, but the TikTok… Read More »

5 private health insurance hacks (to save money and maximise coverage) – money.andronezia.com

If you’re one of the millions of people in Germany who have private health insurance, are you making the most of it? Mirja Lundehn, independent health insurance advisor from KLforExpats, uses her industry insights to share some tips and tricks for maximizing your health insurance coverage. When you first arrive in Germany, you may be… Read More »