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Tips for reducing credit card debt as balances and interest rates rise – money.andronezia.com

Inflation fell, underscored by the latest Consumer Price Index reading of 4.9% through April. But credit card interest rates continue to move higher. Credit cards now charge a top rate of 20.3% on average, according to a Bankrate.com tally from May 10. Plus, the outstanding balance increases, increasing the importance of controlling your personal debt.… Read More »

Bipartisan interest in new deposit insurance cap, but for whom? – money.andronezia.com

Senator Mike Rounds, RS.D., who sits on the Senate Banking Committee with Warren, said inflation should prompt a closer look at $250,000, as well as an examination of how business deposits should be handled. “My question is with inflation going the way it is now, is $250,000 still worth it? If we thought $250,000 was… Read More »

“Persons of Interest” in Credit Card Spending Spree, According to the MPD – money.andronezia.com

6 mins ago Finance 2 Views Photo Released by the Murfreesboro Police Department MURFREESBORO, TN – Logging into your favorite social media page and seeing a photo of your son or daughter is usually not a bad thing. But, that all changes when it’s a security camera photo released by your local police department that… Read More »

Interest Rates At 16-Year High; Rising Credit Card Delinquencies – money.andronezia.com

US Interest Rates Rise to Highest Level in 16 Years The US central bank has raised interest rates to their highest in 16 years as it struggles to stabilize prices. The Federal Reserve raised its main interest rate by 0.25 percentage point, its 10th increase in 14 months. That pushed the benchmark interest rate between… Read More »

Balance transfer credit cards: How to save £1,218 and ‘stop paying interest’ for months | Personal Finance

Credit card companies charge customers 51 per cent interest over £31 billion each month. According to TotallyMoney, this figure has increased by 9.4 percent in the past 12 months, which means more people are paying interest. However, there are ways people can “stop paying interest” for a period of time, and this can help them… Read More »

Advantage reduces credit card interest rates – money.andronezia.com

19 mins ago Finance 10 Views By: Andrea Decker March 24, 2023 Advantage Federal Credit Union reduces interest rates for members with Advantage credit cards who have upgraded their credit ratings, Complete access to news articles on rbj.net is available to logged-in Rochester Business Journal subscribers. Customers can login in the login tab below. Others… Read More »

What the Fed interest rate hike means for credit card payments – money.andronezia.com

3 mins ago Finance 2 Views “Everyone who has an outstanding balance on their credit card should watch those interest rates,” said Memphis economist Dr. David Kemme. MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The Federal Reserve says it’s looking at another rate hike, but some elected leaders like Elizabeth Warren say this could potentially cost up to two… Read More »