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The Government Wants To Cap Credit Card Late Fees. It Will Hurt the Poor. – money.andronezia.com

Any parent will tell you that forcing kids to eat spinach is no way to win any household popularity contest. Kids don’t care about the long-term benefits of eating healthy foods when the alternative is the short-term pleasure of sweets. To their children’s dismay, parents imposed rules, such as limiting the number of meals and… Read More »

My kids are authorized users on my credit cards. They’re 25 and 29. Will it hurt their credit scores if I remove them? – money.andronezia.com

By Quentin Fottrell ‘I guess one option is to make them the official user forever, but one day I won’t be here’ April is National Financial Literacy Month. To mark the occasion, MarketWatch will be publishing a series of “Financial Fitness” articles to help readers improve their fiscal health, and offer advice on how to… Read More »

I Mailed My Credit Card Payment and They Processed It Late. Will This Hurt My Credit for Years? – money.andronezia.com

If you’re still sending payments for your monthly bill, processing time on the other hand can affect when your payments are cleared. What happens if you send your credit card payment two weeks in advance, only for them to process your payment after the deadline? That’s what a listener of the Clark Howard Podcast recently… Read More »