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Illinois House advances bill to end insurance restrictions on dog breeds – money.andronezia.com

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WCIA) — Sometimes homeowners’ and renters’ insurance companies do not cover large breeds of dogs or charge extra for families with certain breeds of dogs. A new bill that is gaining momentum in the Illinois legislature will ban insurance companies from the practice. The bill sponsored by Rep. Rita Mayfield (D-Waukegan) will prohibit… Read More »

New House Data Privacy Bill Could Limit State Insurance Regulators’ Authority – money.andronezia.com

The new House of Representatives bill may change the forms and procedures you and your financial service providers use to protect the privacy of your clients. Members of the House Financial Services Committee have raised a bill, HR 1165, the Data Privacy Act of 2023, along with other financial services bills. The bill would update… Read More »

How the White House Is Tackling ‘Junk Fees’ and Other Rising Costs for Consumers – money.andronezia.com

Although credit card is a powerful buying tool that allows you to spend almost anywhere and can give return reward on your expenses, they are also a dangerous debt trap. A new Bankrate report shows that a third of Americans have more credit card debt than emergency savings. And then there are late fees. According… Read More »

Jurusan Tata Kelola Seni ISI Yogyakarta Gelar Open House Bagi Calon Mahasiswa

YOGYAKARTA, pusatdapodik.com- Dalam rangka Penerimaan Mahasiswa Baru Tahun 2023, Jurusan Manajemen Kesenian (TKS) mengadakan Open House pada tanggal 23-24 Februari 2023, setiap hari pukul 09.00-16.00 WIB. Agenda pertama ini dapat diikuti oleh siswa, calon siswa, guru, pembimbing dan orang tua/wali siswa di seluruh Indonesia. Dr. Mike Susanto, ketua Jurusan Manajemen Kesenian mengatakan Jurusan TKS yang… Read More »