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Consumers Prioritize Mobile Phone Bills Over Credit Cards When Financial Pressures Mount  – money.andronezia.com

For those who have trouble making ends meet, deciding what to pay can have long-term consequences. Inflation recede gradually could signal the start of a reprieve from the current economic landscape and provide collective relief from policymakers and business leaders, but increases in costs of basic necessities like food and shelter remain high — 7.7%… Read More »

32 employers failed to pay migrant workers’ medical bills between 2020 and 2022 – money.andronezia.com

16 mins ago Business 1 Views PROVIDE A WIDER SAFETY NET Bangladeshi construction worker Jo (not his real name), who was diagnosed with a ruptured appendix in April, was sent home soon after and had to pay for his own treatment. The 43-year-old man, who has worked in Singapore since 2001, paid for his appendectomy… Read More »

“I feel bad” – M’sian Afraid to Tell GF About Splitting Bills, Ends up in RM27K Credit Card Debt – money.andronezia.com

A man usually foots the bill when they date. Or should they? Of course there’s nothing wrong with paying off your other half if you can, but what if it lands you in debt? A Malaysian man who has been with his partner for over 2 years, he is happy to pay the bill any… Read More »