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8 months after Hurricane Ian, who picks up the insurance bill? – money.andronezia.com

Whether it’s the ongoing battle with insurance companies, or waiting for permits or materials, people are far from getting their homes ready. But hurricane season is only days away. “There’s nothing I can do but go,” said Jeff Morris of Fort Myers Beach. “Six months of waiting on windows and doors. You can’t get the… Read More »

Earning miles on your Singapore income tax bill – money.andronezia.com

It’s income tax time of year again, when your dreaded IRAS income tax Notice of Assessment notification comes through with your liability for last calendar year’s earnings. Like every years, we’ve been getting messages from readers asking what’s the best way to earn miles when paying the 2023 bill. As always it boils down to… Read More »

Size of my monthly credit card bill remains a mystery – money.andronezia.com

8 mins ago Finance 1 Views At first I was intrigued by Sarah O’Connor’s proposed fix for large numbing numbers — “compress, crush, compare, and the feeling will come right back”. But on reflection, his proposal risks reverse credit card effects (Opinion, May 2). When I look at my credit card bill each month, I… Read More »

Dad hit with £2,000 credit card bill after driving motorhome 10 miles in London’s low emission zone on holiday – money.andronezia.com

The 10-mile trip plunged the father of two into credit card debt costing him £2,000 after he rode his motorbike to and from a campsite in London’s low emission zone (LEZ) over Easter weekend “without knowing” he was being charged. . Geoffrey Eaton, 53, of Colchester, traveled to the capital on Good Friday with his… Read More »

Retiree loses $71k in savings, incurs $6k credit card bill after installing fake Google Play app – money.andronezia.com

New PaperApril 13, 2023A 70-year-old retiree who received a $30,000 pension in January lost it all that month, along with $40,000 of his life savings. Using malware attached to a fake Google Play app for Android devices, the cyber criminal emptied his DBS bank account in less than two hours. The man, identified as Lu,… Read More »

Illinois House advances bill to end insurance restrictions on dog breeds – money.andronezia.com

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WCIA) — Sometimes homeowners’ and renters’ insurance companies do not cover large breeds of dogs or charge extra for families with certain breeds of dogs. A new bill that is gaining momentum in the Illinois legislature will ban insurance companies from the practice. The bill sponsored by Rep. Rita Mayfield (D-Waukegan) will prohibit… Read More »

Oregon Senate passes bill forbidding insurance companies from using state wildfire risk map – money.andronezia.com

PORTLAND, Ore (COIN) — The Oregon Senate passed a law Tuesday making sure insurers can’t use statewide wildfire risk maps as a basis for canceling or refusing to renew policies, or for increasing premiums. Senate Bill 82 also requires insurers to develop underwriting guidelines and rate plans related to forest fire risk mitigation and allow… Read More »