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3 mistakes to avoid to keep your credit card debt under control – money.andronezia.com

Not infrequently many young people who are in debt. Immediate gratification is a trait that is synonymous with many people because they rely too heavily on using credit cards to pay off their expenses. Paying by credit card means you’re spending money you don’t have, thereby hinting at an obligation you’ve voluntarily taken on when… Read More »

Detective offers ideas how customers, businesses can avoid falling prey to credit card skimmers – Longmont Times-Call – money.andronezia.com

Credit card skimming has become a rampant problem across the country, with the FBI estimating that skimming fees for customers and financial institutions can add up to more than $1 billion each year. Skimmers are hidden devices illegally installed in ATMs or point-of-sale terminals that can capture credit card data or PINs. With this information,… Read More »