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Most Credit Cards Still Deny Access to Justice with Forced Arbitration Clauses – money.andronezia.com

WASHINGTON, DC – An estimated 85% of all major credit cards continue to use involuntary arbitration clauses to deny customers access to justice, Citizens found in a report released today, and only two arbitration providers – the American Arbitration Association and JAMS – are designated firms. in most terms of service. “A terms of service… Read More »

Fraud Exclusion, California Insurance Code Section 533 Preclude Coverage for Arbitration Award

The California federal court, which enforces California law, has held that the employment liability policy does not provide protection for judgments against the insured after the arbitrator’s discovery of fraud. Primary Color System. Corp v. Hiscox Inc. Together.2023 WL 2347386 (Cal CD 1 February 2023). An insured employer seeks coverage for claims filed by former… Read More »