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City of Kelowna to accept credit card payment for property taxes – money.andronezia.com

The city council has approved the revenue department to accept credit cards to pay property taxes starting this year. “Historically, cities have not accepted credit cards as a form of payment for property taxes,” said Patrick Gramiak, a revenue overseer. “This has been a common request from our customers.” Gramiak told the board that the… Read More »

Will Costco Ever Accept Another Type of Credit Card? – money.andronezia.com

Is it time for Costco members to get a new credit card? Key point Costco and American Express had a 16-year exclusivity agreement until 2016, when Costco switched to Visa. Costco has negotiated a partnership agreement with Visa in exchange for significantly lower processing fees, paying a transaction fee of just 0.4%. This allows Costco… Read More »