Jill Biden Kiss Doug Emhoff Youtube Video

By | February 9, 2023

Jill biden kiss doug emhoff youtube video; When it comes to the 2024 ticket, First Lady Jill Biden might have tipped her husband’s hand—and it all comes down to a kiss.

First Gentleman When the First Lady entered the House, Doug Emhoff was in the upper gallery of the VIP area. She gave Doug a warm kiss right on the lips, which has now gone viral on social media.

The kiss is a traditional, polite gesture, but there might also be political undertones.

As JB considers a second run for president, which he is anticipated to declare in a few weeks, there have been rumblings inside the Democratic Party concerning the fate of the Veep.

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Some Democrats want Trump to replace Harris with a different running mate because they believe she would be a burden on the ticket.

Although it’s possible that we and others are overanalyzing the kiss, Jill and Joe are aware of the time and have most likely been in the industry long enough to understand the importance of appearance.

Given that Jill greeted Doug with a Kay Jewelers salutation, it is unlikely that the Prez and the Veep will amend the ticket.

Watch the video below;

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