Chilliwack Prolific Offender Receives Conditional Sentence For Credit Card Fraud And Flight From Police –

By | May 26, 2023

A Chilliwack woman who charged thousands of dollars to a stolen credit card and fled from police during an attempted arrest has been granted an eight-month parole order (CSO). Prolific offender Cassie Rose Ozmun would be electronically monitored and have a curfew from 9pm to 7am, but she avoided jail time.

Ozmun, 31, appeared before BC Provincial Judge Kristen Mundstock at Chilliwack Law Court Friday (May 26) and pleaded guilty to several counts of possessing and using a stolen credit card. Ozmun obtained a corporate credit card from Skwah First Nation and used it to make 19 transactions between February 8-14, 2020. Ozmum raised $3,302.48 at three Shell gas stations. Prosecutor Sanda Di Curzio said Ozmun swiped the card to refuel the vehicle he was traveling in, refuel a partner’s vehicle and fill jerrycans.

Ozmun and two other people who were also billed collected more than $6,000 in purchases.

He was caught on video surveillance for some of his transactions, but since credit card fraud is difficult to prove in court, Crown opted against a lengthy and costly trial and allowed Ozmun to press charges.

He could not, however, make the accusations of fleeing from the police disappear. On November 22, 2022, the police tried to stop him with an unfinished arrest warrant. Driving a red Dodge Caravan van registered to a family member, Ozmun leads the RCMP on a short high-speed chase along Young Road and Hope River Road. In the rain, police broke off the pursuit in the name of public safety, but soon after officers spotted Ozmun walking down Yale Street and arrested him without incident.

He was on probation at the time of the offense, and his long criminal history includes several offences. He was also banned from driving at the time. Di Curzio told Mundstock he was worried about Ozmun going along with the CSO condition, but admitted he had done it before and had come through well. Mundstock warned Ozmun that failure to comply with CSO requirements could result in him going to jail, and Di Curzio indicated that Crown would encourage him if he did not behave.

Ozmun will live with his grandparents and will be banned from driving for another year. He spoke briefly to the court, took responsibility for his actions and said he wanted to get over it and do better. She told Mundstock she was good enough that she recently had unsupervised visits with her three daughters.

Ozmun’s legal troubles did not end with these accusations. He will appear in court on September 27 for several charges related to robbery starting April 2022.

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