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Yung Gravy, Sheri Easterling Still ‘keeping In Touch’ After Breakup

No bad blood! sauce and of Addison Rae mother, Sheri Easterlingshe may have given up on their brief romance – but the two remain good friends.

“We still keep in touch a lot,” the 26 rapper said ET Canada in an interview published on Friday, October 28. “It wouldn’t make sense for us to meet because we live in different cities, but we keep in touch. Any show I have in Louisiana, she’ll be there.”

The pair initially raised eyebrows when they attended the 2022 MTV VMAs together in August when they were spotted making out on the red carpet. During the big event, Yung Gravy (real name Matthew Raymond Hauri) told MTV that the duo “met online and immediately connected.” “Oops!!!” the artist added that he likes MILFS,” so it was the “perfect fit.”

Earlier this month, We weekly reported that the pair ended their affair before things got “too serious,” noting that the social media personality, 43, was with “Mr. Clean” artist “for advertising purposes”.

“It got attention,” said a source close to Easterling. “Both her and Yung Gravy loved the attention, but it was a brief romance that ended long before it got serious.”

But The Minnesota native said E.T that while he and Easterling had been “flirting online”, he didn’t realize how quickly fans would make assumptions about their relationship status.

“When I brought [Easterling], everyone was instantly like, “Oh, they’re dating.” Tons of rumors started about her and me being pregnant and all that stuff,” he said. “I wanted a nice first date and thought, ‘Let’s do this.’ I guess that’s not how it works with these famous people.”

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After the MTV event in August, Yung Gravy took to social media to defend the mother of three after fans criticized her dating choices.

“She’s newly single and living her life,” he tweeted in response to a questionable message about how the couple had caused “quite a stir on the internet” with their PDA awards before insisting the trolls “leave her alone lol”.

Easterling’s stormy relationship with the “Always Saucy” musician came a month after news broke that her estranged husband, Monty Lopez, allegedly cheated on her during their marriage. In July, a woman named Renée Ash claimed she had been dating Lopez, 46, and that he had lied about his marriage ending. (Lopez, for his part, has not publicly responded to the allegations.)

The Louisiana native, in turn, addressed news about her personal life via her Instagram story that same month. Easterling — who shares Rae, 21, and sons Enzo, 14, and Luca, 8, with Lopez — hasn’t spoken directly about the alleged affair, however.

Meanwhile, Yung Gravy is still looking to date older women — something he says his family is generally supportive of.

“There have been times when I’ll meet someone and she’ll ask how old she is and she thinks it’s weird if I’m close to her age,” he explained. ET Canada Friday. “But my mum’s 66, I’ve got older parents, so luckily she’s not at the window with a friend of hers or anything like that.”

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