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The Pondok Aren-Serpong Toll Road Has Been Raised To 2 Meters So That It Doesn’t Flood Again! – Moladin

The Pondok Aren-Serpong toll road is 2 meters high. This is due to frequent flooding of the section during heavy rains.

Quoted from the ntmcpolri page, the PUPR Ministry said it is making efforts to deal with the flooding on the Pondok Aren-Serpong Km 8+500 toll road. One of them raised the toll road again, up to 2 meters.

The General Director of Highways at the PUPR Ministry, Hedy Rahadian, explained that the raising of the toll road was to secure the traffic lanes so that they would not be interrupted. By raising the road by another 2 meters, Bina Marga believes that the toll road will be flood-free thereafter.

“The important thing is that we raise it to 2 meters high. So yesterday it was 40 cm, previously it was 80-90 cm high. With 2 meters, we have enough margin to secure the road for safe traffic,” he said, (10.6.2022).

Hedy also explained that the box channel will also be replaced with a 20 meter wide bridge. Meanwhile, the box channel is only 9 meters wide.

“We will replace the canal cut with a 9 meter canal bridge now with a 20 meter wide bridge so that there is flexibility in the flow of water to the Cibenda River,” Hedy added.

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Then, the PUPR Ministry will also construct a retention pond to accommodate the flow of water along the toll road. This is also done for flood control.

“We also help the retention basin, it does not massively use the existing toll road space to catch water. We have a capacity of 7,700 cubic meters with an average capacity of 2 meters,” he said.

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FYI, the process for the Pondok Aren-Serpong toll road to be raised by 2 meters is already underway, but the process is only 30%. The PUPR Ministry aims to have this rise completed in May 2022 and is expected to be flood-free. “We have enough toll roads after May, God willing, they will dry up,” concluded Hedy.

Cause of Pondok Aren-Serpong toll road flooding

Flooding at km 8 of the Pondok Aren-Serpong toll road. Photo: Special

The cause of the flooding on the Pondok Aren-Serpong toll road is the lack of water storage areas and the narrowing of the Cibenda River. As is known, Cibenda River is located in Bubulak Village and is a tributary of Angke River which is located not far from the BSD toll road.

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“When it was first mined in 1999, the location around the BSD Toll Road was still open land and the Cibenda River had a 9 meter wide wet cross section. However, land use changes around the BSD Toll Road have caused a change in the flow pattern of the Cibenda River which was originally about 9 meters, now it becomes 3.8 meters and there is sedimentation from Situ Parigi. So, the PUPR Ministry together with BSD Toll also raised the road body from KM 9 for 450 meters with a height of 2 meters, as well as cleaning the river sediments in the cross drainage area, Hedy concluded.

The process of increasing the height of the toll road is actually underway. It just can’t be instant, it might be finished in May 2023.

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Moladiners, this is a review of the Pondok Aren-Serpong toll road which has been raised by 2 meters to prevent flooding. Keep following for information about the automotive industry and other interesting cars.

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