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Rupiah Exchange Rate Triggers Losses Of Rp 169 Billion GJTL At The End Of September 2022 – PT Gajah Tunggal Tbk (IDX: GJTL) posted a net loss of Rp 169.38 billion in the nine months of 2022, or worse than the same period in 2021, which was recorded at Rp 19.34 billion.

As a result, the indefinite use of retained earnings decreased by 3.6% compared to the end of 2021 to Rp 4.619 trillion.

The data is presented in the financial statements for the third quarter of 2022 without an audit of the tire maker’s issuer that was uploaded on the page of the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) on Friday (28/10/2022).

In fact, net sales increased by 12.86 percent to Rp 12.752 trillion, which was supported by a 21.5 percent increase in domestic sales to Rp 9.124 trillion.

Meanwhile, exports to third parties increased by 8.6% to Rp 1.681 trillion.

Meanwhile, exports to related parties fell by 7.5% to Rp 2.099 trillion.

However, the cost of goods sold increased by 15.6% to Rp 11.032 trillion. So gross profit increased by only 4.2% to Rp 1.72 trillion.

Unfortunately, selling expenses increased by 34.5% to Rp 763.74 billion.

The company’s performance was on the decline as the loss on foreign exchange rates increased by 145 percent to Rp 162.55 billion. In addition, associated and joint venture losses reached Rp 80,862 billion.

As a result, the tire issuer suffered a pre-tax loss of IDR 166.03 billion.

SMeanwhile, at the end of September 2021, there was still a profit of Rp 67.868 billion.

Meanwhile, liabilities increased by 10.5% from the end of 2021 to Rp 12.692 trillion.

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Meanwhile, equity decreased by 1.06 percent to Rp 6.893 trillion. So assets increased by 6.1%, up to Rp 19.586 trillion.

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