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Benda Bd300 Price In India (Best Cruiser Bike) Latest Model 2021!

Band Bd300 Price in India

Benda Bd300 Price in India: Bikes are trending from before. Not only now but even in ancient times bicycles were the icons of fashion not only among men but also nowadays we see women riding bicycles. More than cars, bicycles are opted more for easy enough parking and fast travel between traffic.

Chinese car makers now come up with the new trendsetter which has been designed with the most authentic Design. Along with the LFC700, they launched a new bike, the Benda BD 300 cruiser. It comes in the new Greystone which can be said to be the latest level or premium in the bike market. Also, the name itself has an elegant feel that anyone would want to own.

Band Bd300 Price in India

Benda BD 300 design and configuration:

The bike comes with dual exhaust. This easy-to-use bike can be considered the updated version of the BD300-15. It also has shock absorbers on both sides of the bike. The BD 300 bar also has a slipper clutch, which facilitates comfortable movement for the rider.

Beautifully designed with the new LED lighting system, it has disc brakes on both wheels, dual channel ABS and a good TFT instrument cluster.

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The bike was powered to 30 hp and a 298 cc engine. Disc brakes on both sides of the wheels ensure safety all around, which helps the bikes handle better on roads anywhere.

The Benda BD 300 is also said to be the bike for beginners as it offers the rider or biker a more conventional and sharper view of longer rides.
The bike also has wider kickstands that place the foot better than other vehicles.

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With a maximum torque of 25.3 Nm at 700 rpm using belt drive, this bike is sure to create a craze among all generation groups and drive people safely on the streets anywhere in the world.

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