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Bawaslu Minsel Announces 51 Panwascam Members In 17 Sub-districts, Here They Are – SULUT NEWS

Amurang, – The Electoral Supervisory Body (Bawaslu) of the Southern Minahasa Regency (Minsel) announced the names of 51 members of the District-level Electoral Supervisory Committee (Panwascam) on Wednesday (26.10.2022).

This is stated in Decree (SK) Number 37/KP.01/SA-09/10/2022.

The announcement is made in order to implement the mandate of Law no. 7 of 2017 regarding the general elections.

The following are the 51 members of Panwascam elected in Minsel Regency:

Click here: Minsel Panwascam Member Announcement

It is known, the Panwascam Minsel announcement went through a series of stages so as to produce 51 persons who will serve as election supervisors at the sub-district level.


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