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Using A Mini Fan, This Man Lied To His Friend That He Was On The Road While Sending A Voice Note

Taking advantage of the fans, a man lies to his subject who seems to be on the road. – A man lies to his friend who seems to be on his way. The man used a fan to create a noise effect when contacted by phone.

The video of this pri, which appears to be running while sending a voice note, was uploaded by the tiktok account @arman.setiadi. In the video, a man is seen sitting in his room sending a voice note to his friend.

“Fan power,” he wrote.

But the man apparently lied to his friend, who said he was still on his way, even though he was still at his house at the time.

“Wait a minute… wait… still on the way,” he said right in front of his mini fan.

Even the voice note sent to his friend sounded like he was still on the road due to the sound of a mini fan. The man was smiling as he looked happy that he was able to pull a prank on his friend.

The video has so far received more than 300 thousand likes and collected various comments from netizens.


very fixed😂😂,” said the @sayaaariis account

if I’m still in high school, my girlfriend is vc when I get home, but if I don’t have vc it means she’s not coming haha,” said the @ apaansiii account.

If he calls me, he immediately turns on the fan. Ampe two I wonder how I feel every time I call you on the road yesterday😂,” replied the account @ Azizah.

@arman.setiadi Power of the fan #fyp♬ DJ Party Started Style Pong Pong – DJ Ricko Pillow

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