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AI Composite Video Apk For Android [2022 Without WaterMark]

After this boom in mobile technology, video content is becoming more popular than plain text and images. If you want to make video content to share with the world, then you must try this new video editing app AI Composite Video Apk on smartphone and tablet for free.

Now, every YouTuber and other streamer uses video content to attract users’ attention, rather than plain text and images. Before smartphone technology, not everyone has enough resources to create video content.

But now, everyone with a smartphone in hand can easily create amazing video content from their smartphone and tablet using these new video editing apps and tools. These video editing tools and apps are simple and easy to use.

What is the AI ​​Composite Video app?

This is the new and latest video editing app that helps both Android and iOS users to make amazing videos using different stickers, filters, transitions and many other special effects for free without a watermark.

Using these free video editing apps, users can easily make videos that help them earn income by creating their YouTube channel or sharing them on various social networking sites and apps like Facebook, YouTube, Tiktok and many more.

Friendly says earning money online is now getting easier if you have some skill or ability. You can easily get different apps and tools on the internet for free that help them use your skills by turning them into money.

This new app also helps those people to earn money online who run YouTube channels and want to make amazing and spectacular videos to attract the attention of users. If you are one of them, then you must try this new video writing app on your smartphone and tablet for free.

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Application information

To download this app, visit the official website or download it from the Google Play store where it is placed in the video editing category and also has millions of registered users worldwide. If you don’t like this app because of its premium features and paid items, try these free video editing apps mentioned below,

What special effects and transitions will users get when they download AI Composite Video?

In this application, users will get a lot of different effects and transitions, which are divided into the categories mentioned below so that users can easily access the desired effect from the list. You will get categories like,

  • New
    • In this tab, you will have access to over 99 newly added effects and transitions.
  • The music
    • As the name suggests, it has over 100 music effects from around the world.
  • Love
    • This tab will help you access love effects and transitions.
  • Beats
    • It has special rhythm effects and filters that make the video sound quality more enjoyable.
  • Sad
    • This tab has more than 64 sad filters and effects.
  • Me me
    • If you like memes then this tab is for you where you will have a chance to have top memes as effects and filters in your video.
  • Animations
    • If you like anime or animation then you have this tab and add a cartoon and other animation effects to your video.
  • Kpop
    • If you like Korean pop music then this tab will help you to add K Pop music to your video.
  • Other
    • In other options, you will get special effects from attitude, world, anime, etc.

What languages ​​are supported by AI Composite Video Mod app?

This app supports multiple languages ​​which you can easily change from app setting. Currently this app supports below mentioned languages,

  • English
  • Korean
  • taiwan
  • dutch
  • French
  • polish
  • Hindi
  • Malay
  • Indonesian
  • Japanese

More languages ​​will be added by the developer in the future for international users. so they can enjoy this new app or editing tool in their national language.

App screenshots

Unique features

  • AI Composite Video Apk is a safe and secure video app for both Android and iOS users.
  • It has music card points, cartoons, Al portrait cutouts, etc. for users.
  • It supports multiple languages.
  • Massive popular templates with best effects.
  • Option to explore amazing templates and effects.
  • They contain tons of free filters, transitions and stickers.
  • Option to add music to your video.
  • Users will get loads of premium editing features and professional editing tools with unlimited templates, instant overlays, professional fonts and more combine innovative ideas in this new free online premium platform.
  • Option to edit videos with special composite video version with advanced editing features for free.
  • Special rhythm effects to change the sound quality of the video.
  • Easy to use interface with complex editing methods.
  • Support all famous social media platforms to share your video.
  • It supports both existing and captured videos.
  • Remove all watermarks and other paid and premium options from the app.
  • Add free app.
  • Free to download and use.

How to download and make videos using AI Composite Video mod Apk with a watermark?

If you want to make videos using different images, download the Apk files of the video maker app on your smartphone and tablet using the direct download link below and install this app on your smartphone and tablet.

While installing mod or pro version allow all permissions and also enable unknown sources in security settings. After installing the app, open it and you will see the main page of the app where you will see the key features of the app.

After that, you will enter the main dashboard of the app, where you will see different templates that are classified into different categories. Choose the desired category from the list and you will see a lot of new templates and effects on your screen.

Choose the template you want to use in your video and then add all the images and videos from your device to make a stunning video with your chosen effects template. Repeat the same process for more templates and effects.


Android AI composite video app is a new and latest video maker app with tons of free templates. If you want to make amazing videos then try this new app and also share this app with your family and friends. Subscribe to our page for more apps and games.

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