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Will Charles And Kasthuri Be Abandoned By DAP, Which Is A Racist Party That Slaughters Indian Candidates?


DAP MPs Kasthuri Patto, Batu Kawan have withdrawn from contesting in GE15, while DAP’s Charles Santiago, Klang is expected to be dropped as a candidate.

At first, DAP wanted to replace Charles with Ean Yong Huan Wah, the Seri Kembangan assemblyman, but he was strongly opposed.

Immediately after that, DAP is understood to want to field V Ganabatirau as well. However, he is a person who often causes controversy.

During the 2021 flood crisis, he was criticized for accusing the Selangor Drainage System and JPS workers of being “stupid”.

However, Charles Santiago at the time seemed to be more focused on helping flood victims and collecting large donations from the public in the form of food, money and basic necessities.

In 2018, V Ganabatirau was also criticized for accusing the demonstration at Sri Mahamariamam Temple in USJ 25 of being started by an Islamic movement.

Surprisingly, even though V. Ganabatirau is involved in various unpleasant matters, DAP chose him instead of the more competent Charles.

Kasthuri Patto withdrew for no apparent reason.

DAP is known to often present an image as a pro-meritocracy and non-racial party under the slogan Malaysia Malaysia.

Is it because Charles and Kasthuri are not of the same race as them?

Or are they not on the same page as DAP chairman Lim Guan Eng?

In fact, there are many more issues of racism and followers in DAP.

If this is the habit of DAP, what future will this party attract if it rules?

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