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Laura Schumacher Wisconsin Volleyball The Video Is Going Viral On Twitter And Reddit >

Laura Schumacher Wisconsin Volleyball Video goes viral on Twitter and Reddit On Monday, AbbVie announced that Laura Schumacher, the company’s veteran general counsel, is retiring after working for Abbott Laboratories and the company for more than three decades. Watch for more updates on

Laura Schumacher Volleyball Video

After a transition period at the biopharmaceutical company, Schumacher will be replaced as general counsel and company secretary by Perry Siatis, deputy general counsel at AbbVie. Abbott, a major provider of medical equipment and healthcare services based in a Chicago suburb, spun off AbbVie a decade ago.

In a statement, Richard Gonzalez, the company’s president and CEO, noted that “the incredible influence that Laura has had on AbbVie over the past 10 years cannot be overstated.” One of the leading legal minds in the field, she has helped us with a number of difficult legal and regulatory challenges, but her contributions to AbbVie go far beyond the legal division.

Laura Schumacher Volleyball Viral video on Twitter

The relationship between the corporation and its outside legal counsel was changed during Schumacher’s time at AbbVie, particularly with respect to the law firm’s diversity goals. She received recognition from the American Bar Association in August for her work to expand diversity in the legal community and at AbbVie.

A question about Schumacher’s retirement plans went unanswered immediately. Additionally, Siatis did not respond to a request for comment.

Siatis was mentioned by Gonzalez as “the best alternative to build on Laura’s achievements”. According to Gonzalez, Siatis has held a number of important positions in AbbVie’s legal division, including as director of the division’s ethics and compliance programs and strategic initiatives such as mergers, litigation, licensing and intellectual property.

Viral Laura Schumacher Volleyball Videos on Reddit

Schumacher began his career at what is now ArentFox Schiff, where he spent more than 20 years working for Abbott. In 2005, she was appointed general counsel, responsible for a division with approximately 500 workers. Schumacher took over as AbbVie’s general counsel after the Abbott split.

She received a promotion to Vice President of External Affairs and Chief Legal Officer in 2018 from AbbVie. Two years later, when the business completed a $63 billion merger with Allergan PLC, a maker of drugs including Botox, Schumacher kept both posts. AbbVie and Allergan reached a $2 billion deal in July to market Allergan’s opioids.

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