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Download Evil Lands MOD APK 2.2.8 (Menu/Dumb Enemy/Stats Multiplier)

MOD information

Low enemy speed

Level up first then add 1 stat and it will change your entire stat value.

Another high-quality open-world game for players to explore and increase their power. Evil Lands is the world you’ve always dreamed of, with creatures appearing everywhere. Freedom to fight unlimited and unlock power continuously. Everything happens in real time and you have no time to rest. No one can force you to follow any sequence in Evil Lands. Players will experience it for themselves and do whatever they like. Then find the best way to get started and get access to newer content. Evil Lands deserves to be the most anticipated open-world blockbuster of the genre’s not-so-prominent period.

Download Evil Lands Mod – An online open world of constant battles

Like many open-ended RPGs, players begin by choosing a character to represent Evil Lands. In addition, the factor that does not affect the game process is the gender selection. The rest will decide a lot about your playstyle and strength later on. Join the world as an assassin, mage, gunner, warrior… Each unique skill creates different strengths for each character class. Players have a variety of ways to increase power. The process of completing missions and fighting will also be significantly different. That’s why Evil Lands becomes exciting and attractive in the eyes of players who love competition.

The world of Evil Lands is realistically presented with nature and things that are always there whether the player is there or not. It adds many fantasy elements related to magic. The appearance of monsters and mysterious entities sparked curiosity. Sometimes they are the key for players to unlock hidden power. Most of the player battles in Evil Lands will be against monsters to continuously level up. Monsters also have levels so players know if they are level enough to defeat them. Fighting monsters will not be boring when all the forces are mysterious and bring excitement to the battlefield.

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Evil Lands Mod APK

Complete world building

It’s safe to say that Evil Lands has the complete world map system. The large continent is divided into smaller regions. Players will start on one of certain fields. Their difference is evident in the terrain and people as NPCs. Finally, and most importantly, what are the characteristics of the monsters there? Unlocking new missions or leveling up will help you open up more areas on the map. It will be an incredibly long journey until you can unlock the entire continent. Go through hundreds of different missions and battles. The plot is also in the quests and continents you will travel through in the future.

Evil Lands mod apk free

Continuous feeding

The player will decide the power of the main character. This starts from the moment you create your characters and choose their roles. Assassins always have the advantage when attacking enemies stealthily and quickly. The mage possesses powerful energy and many battle-defining moves. Gunners with the advantage of long-range attacks are always in a safe position while dealing damage to the enemy. The warrior stormed the battlefield, blocking the attack with massive armor to counter the monster. Based on these roles, the gear sets and magic systems for them also have differences that you will quickly notice when playing.

Evil Lands free mod

Adventure with teammates

Evil Lands was originally a game where you could experience the plot and increase your power yourself. However, it still needs an internet connection to play, so it will be a great premise for inviting more friends. Evil Lands has a mode to play directly with friends, with a limit of up to 4 people. You and everyone will fight and coordinate together in battles. Rewards and experience are also shared equally among party members. Below are player-versus-player PvP battles. This is your chance to show your skills against a worthy opponent. They’re not a bunch of computer generated monsters anymore.

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Evil Lands free

The magical land is always full of attraction and enough content for players to enjoy and stay for a long time. Evil Lands taps into the player’s individual abilities. In addition to working hard on missions to unlock new maps and content, the Evil Lands mode will not bore you for dozens of hours. Instead, it’s time to decide your role in this mystical world.

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