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9+ Best Android Smackdown Games Most Recommended And Exciting

Smackdown is an extreme sport that has no rules attached to every match. This type of sport is more concerned with fighting with power in defeating the opponent. You can also feel the smackdown excitement and challenges by playing the best smackdown android game.

Not very different from the sport of smackdown, the game of smackdown also gives players the opportunity to throw, punch, crush and other sadistic things to take down their opponents.

Here are some recommendations for the most entertaining SmackDown games on Android.

Top 10 Smackdown Android Game Recommendations

1. Wrestling Revolution 3D

Wrestling Revolution 3D game gives players the opportunity to conquer opponents until the health bar runs out and turns red.

This 3D game features smackdown gameplay that feels real and is guaranteed to be very exciting. This is also supported by the eye-popping animated 3D graphics.

Wrestling Revolution 3D game also has quite easy gameplay so that players don’t have to be confused when controlling the main character.

You are free to hit enemies using punches, kicks and throwing enemies to defeat them.

2. WWE Mayhem

the best Android Smashdown game

WWE Mayhem has become the best iOS games which gives players the freedom to choose their own main hero. Not only does it offer a variety of hero characters, but this game also has superstars divided into six classes.

These include High Flyer, Brawler, Technician, powerhouse, showman and wildcard.

Game rules in WWE Mayhem game can be one on one or you can also play as a team. You are free to determine who the team members are to defeat the other team.

The strongest team will be the winner of the fight.

3. The struggle revolution

smackdown android game offline

In addition to the fact that a modern game looks like a 3D game, this game also gives players the opportunity to choose their own fighting character. In fact, you can also create your own hero character to play in this game.

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You don’t have to worry if you are not satisfied with the characters you have created yourself because this game offers 350 hero characters to choose from.

Wrestling Revolution also has a good interface and gameplay, making this game even more interesting to play.

4. Real Wrestling 3D

smackdown android ppsspp game

As the name suggests, Real Wrestling 3D game is equipped with quality 3D animation. This game is a fighting game which is so challenging and suitable to play on android phones.

You can choose various game tricks to defeat your opponent, from punching, kicking to slamming your opponent.

Real wrestling 3D offers players about 140 more wrestlers. In addition to having a large selection of characters, this game has movements and animations that look real.

For players who like smackdown games, Real Wrestling 3D games can be the best choice.

5. WWE Champions – Free Puzzle RPG Game

best wwe android games

This smackdown game can be classified as the best RPG games for Android. This game not only invites you to fight against enemies but also to play puzzles.

So that the enemy can be defeated, move the hero character using the skills and powers they have.

The provided hero characters are popular smackdown athletes and you can choose as you like. This game created by Scopley features a different gameplay.

The number of downloads of this app has even reached 10 million users on Play Store. While the rating of this game on Play Store reached 4.3.

6. WWE Immortal

smackdown android game

WWE Immortal game not only offers adrenaline pumping gameplay but also amazing graphics animations like best android war games. You can choose your own character as you want when playing the game.

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WWE Immortal has a variety of interesting and popular characters including The Rock, Triple H, The Undertaker, John Cena and so on. Even more interesting, this game can be played in multiplayer with other players around the world.

7. Weekend Warriors MMA

wwe game android apk

Players will be spoiled for choice with the Weekend Warriors MMA game as it has over 300 fighters. You can freely choose one of hundreds of fighters as your main hero.

Each player character can be upgraded to make them stronger and easier to defeat enemies.

The gameplay of Weekend Warriors MMA tends to be easy so that it can be played by anyone. But this game should not be played by children under 16 because it contains acts of violence.

8. WWE Supercard

wwe game android

For wrestling fans, the WWE Supercard game seeks to bring world-class wrestling stars such as Seth Rollins, Ronda Rousey, Brock Lesnar, AJ Styles and more.

Game developed by NetherRealm Studios it not only has interesting characters but also a variety of fun features. Where players can play using online PvP mode against players from around the world.

For each match you played, your score will be displayed in the leaderboard. If you win the match, you will receive an exclusive card. Later, these cards can be used against enemies so that your hero character becomes stronger.

9. WWE Champions 2019

smackdown android games

WWE Champions 2019 features famous wrestling stars like Wolfpac, NOW Randy Savage and Becky Lynch.

In addition to these popular players, you can also recruit other popular players such as Shinsuke Nakamura, Seth Rollins and others.

This game is not only equipped with popular players, but also features a multiplayer mode.

Through the multiplayer function, you can play more interesting games with other players from different countries.

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You have to be very careful with your attack moves and skills to win the battle. Some of these moves and skills can be upgraded when you manage to get items or good points.

10. Rowdy Wrestling

wwe android game small size

If you are looking for a smackdown game that is different from other smackdown games, Rowdy Wrestling is the answer. Where this game does not use 3D animation, but this game is guaranteed to be fun.

You can choose 55 hero characters to serve as your main character. Each hero character has different abilities and strengths.

The skills of the hero characters can be used to play the game in two modes, namely Tag Team Battle and Solo Career.

Tag Team Battle mode invites you to play by forming a team so that you can fight against other teams. While the Solo Career mode invites you to fight a single enemy.

The way to fight the enemies in this game is also quite simple by directing the character back and forth. While the movement to attack the enemy is done by punching, kicking and kicking the opponent.

The smackdown game invites you to take on the role of a professional smackdown athlete.

Where through the best android smackdown game, you can freely attack your opponent using the skills and strengths of each character. Playing smackdown games through Android will give you an addictive and adrenaline-filled experience just like playing games on PC or console.

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