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Flexi Cash Jenius, Here’s How To Register, Conditions And Application Time – Flexi Jenius as one of the new online loan services that offer simple services. So, how much interest is Flexi Cash Jenius? For those of you curious, you now need to see the explanation below.

We know that Jenius itself is one of the most popular digital banking apps. Because, its users can perform various financial activities like savings, transactions and other things.

Not only that, the Jenius App also offers exciting features that will make banking easier for users. And now senius presents new features that can be used to make online loans, one of which is Flexi Cash Genius.

For that, for those of you who would like to apply for a loan online through the new feature, please go through the complete information below.

What is Flexi Cash Genius?

Flexi Cash This itself is a reserve fund service from the brilliant BTPN bank that can be easily withdrawn and used. Because indeed, the genius claims that only selected customers or users can apply for cash loans through this single application.

However, if there is no Flexi Cash menu in our Jenius app, it is most likely not selected. However, if you are lucky enough to be the chosen customer, the funds will automatically enter your account 1X24 hours after you apply for a loan.

Flexi Cash Jenius Registration Requirements

Well, to be able to apply for a Flexi Cash loan, there are several requirements that you and or you must meet. But to do this, of course, there are requirements. You can see a few Flexi Cash Jenius Registration Requirements as follows.

  1. First make sure you must be an Indonesian citizen [WNI].
  2. Already between 21 and 50 years old.
  3. You have an ID card [Kartu Tanda Penduduk].
  4. You have a verified Jenius account.
  5. The Flexi Cash feature is available in the Jenius app.
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How to Register Flexi Cash Jenius

And after we know and you have met the requirements, then you can proceed to the next stage. The next one is How to register for Flexi Cash Jenius:

  1. First, open the Jenius app.
  2. Then log in using our Jenius account.
  3. Then select the Three lines icon in the upper right corner.
  4. After that choose the Flexi Cash menu.
  5. And choose the option to apply for Flexi Cash and Try to calculate the offer.
  6. Next step, please select the Try to count offers option first.
  7. After that, you will be asked to answer a question about your income, monthly, credit card ownership, and ownership of the loan installments.
  8. And later the Estimated Limit of the loan offer will also appear.
  9. If you agree, select I want to apply for Flexi Cash.
  10. Re-enter some necessary personal information such as birth mother’s name, number of dependents, last education and others.
  11. Then enter your current residential address.
  12. Next, enter job information as well.
  13. And enter information about close relatives.
  14. After that choose to apply for Flexi Cash.
  15. Continue with the checklist in the statements section.
  16. Finally, enter your Jenius account password for the loan application process.

Well, after performing all the above steps, then wait a little until we get an answer from the genius about registering a loan application Flexi Cash.

Genius Flexi Cash Interest

If you received a loan from your customers, you will be charged an interest fee of between 1.75% and 2.75%. Each genius user will be charged a different fee. Well, it will be adjusted to the profile or risk of each account owner. So how long does the Jenius Flexi Cash Transfer take?

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You should know that the duration of the submission process until a response is received or rejected will usually take 1X24 hours. So, to apply for a loan, you should do it during business hours so that the loan application process can be expedited.

Genius Flexi Cash Limit

Now, for now Flexi Cash Jenius service provides an opportunity to users who want to apply for loans ranging from 500 thousand to 200 million with an installment limit of 36 months or three years.

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Penalty for late payment of Jenius Flexi Cash

And for users who pay their installments late Flexi Cash, of course they will be subject to some fines that they have to pay. Well, senda will be treated from 1 day after maturity. While the details of the fines they have to pay are as follows.

  1. 50,000 RP in the first month.
  2. RP 75,000 in the second month.
  3. RP 150.00 in the third month.
  4. 175,000 RP in the fourth month.

Quite a short review that Mimin can share on this occasion Flexi Cash Jenius, here’s how to register, conditions and application time. We hope the above information can be useful and help you and you can use the above information well. That’s it and thank you for visiting and see you next time!

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