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Features And How Important Virtual RAM Is On HP And How To Add It!

Virtual RAM function

virtual RAM it’s a solution for phones that don’t have much physical ram, find out what virtual ram does and how to make it here!

The phone was equipped with physical ram with a certain GB size. But over time you can now add virtual ram. Virtual RAM is definitely different from the physical RAM that is already available on the phone itself.

So what exactly is meant by virtual ram? What are the features and how do I add them? For an explanation of virtual ram, please see the full review below.

What is virtual RAM?

Ram stands for random access memory that is dedicated to storing a set of temporary calculations. A simple example is, a car driving on a toll road, then the ram can be interpreted as a rest area.

Every mobile phone must have been equipped with physical ram or built-in ram. But you can add your own ram with the term virtual ram. This type of ram is ram that is created by occupying less space in the internal storage memory.

So a small part of the computing process will be stored in a virtual ram. This method is possible so it is expected to improve the performance of smartphones that have little physical RAM.

Virtual RAM function

Once we know the meaning, then what? virtual ram features and benefits? There are many things you can get from using this type of ram, including the following:

  • Heavier applications are more likely to run.
  • Phones are more likely to run multiple apps at the same time.
  • A cost-effective solution to improve HP system performance.
  • As an additional layer to the system.
  • Improve performance if you want to run a program as needed.
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How to create a virtual memory

The Android system is designed to be editable as you wish. But of course, to do this, the phone needs to be rooted. But note that not all mobile phones can run virtual ram, here’s how to create virtual memory on an Android phone:

  1. First step, please download Apps2sd All In One Tools from Playstore for free.
  2. Please install and open the app.
  3. If you see the Swap Manager menu later, please select it.
  4. Then, in the next step, select the + sign located on the far right of the application.
  5. Now later in the size tab please select the memory size you want to use.
  6. It is recommended to use only 1024 MB of memory, but this depends on your choice.
  7. If you entered the folder selection tab, please select where you want to save the exchange data. It is recommended to choose SD card instead of internal card.
  8. Click OK and wait until the process of adding virtual memory is complete.

Disadvantages of using virtual memory

Virtual memory is an alternative solution to adding RAM itself. Because it’s an alternative, don’t expect it to be a satisfactory solution. This is because physical ram and virtual ram serve the same purpose, but are accomplished in different ways.

It is certain that the physical ram will be superior because it is specially made to store temporary computers. The virtual branch is made from a true external memory to store the data consistently and continuously.

Basically, if you want to add to the performance of a better phone, then upgrade your physical RAM. Or we can mean buying a new phone with a bigger ram.

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Features and ways to add virtual ram can be an alternative to increase HP performance slightly. Follow the steps and tutorials above, then see how your phone can work better. Thank you and I hope you find it useful!

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