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Online Banking: How To Open A Zero Balance Account In IDFC Bank

Nowadays, many banks have come to our country, you all will be able to see different types of famous banks that provide you with a variety of profits, like banks will provide you with a high interest rate and also many other types of facilities.

One of these famous banks is IDFC bank. So if you are thinking of opening an IDFC bank account then this website is created just for you. This website is designed to provide information about how you will open an account in IDFC bank.

Basically, the website will provide you a lot of information related to IDFC bank like how to open an account in IDFC bank, Benefits of opening an IDFC bank account, eligibility to open an account in IDFC bank and many other information. So if you are looking for this then this will help you a lot.

What are the advantages of opening an IDFC bank account?

Many people think what will I get from opening a bank account in this bank. So this website also tells you the benefits or you can tell the advantages of opening an IDFC bank account. According to the website, the benefits of opening an IDFC bank account are as follows:

  1. You will get 6 lakhs in purchasing power and 2 lakhs in daily ATM withdrawals.
  2. You will receive a monthly interest credit in your savings account.
  3. ATM withdrawals are free and unlimited.
  4. You will benefit from free basic banking services.
  5. And you will receive a VISA signature debit card.

You can also open a zero balance savings account in IDFC bank as well.

How will you open an online account in IDFC Bank?

This question will surely arise in everyone’s mind: How will I open a bank account in IDFC bank? You don’t have to worry about this problem because every problem comes with a solution.

The website will provide you with a solution and the website also provides complete information about how you will open it online. Let’s take a look at this information. The site has given some steps from which you will be able to open an online bank account easily and quickly .According to the site.

After confirmation, you will proceed to the next screen

I will tell you the steps given in brief, if you want to read this in a proper way then visit the website. Here are the steps:-

Step 1 – You need to visit idfcfirstbank website as the first step. where you need to enter your mobile number, email address and Aadhaar number details before pressing the ‘Send OTP’ button. And then click on send OTP.

Step 2 – Enter the OTP and then you have to enter your personal information and choose your account type. You have the option to select a basic savings account or a zero balance account.

Step 3 – This step will only appear if you choose to select another account instead of a zero balance account. Here, you need to provide IDFC minimum balance, details of providing this balance will be given in next page and then pay through net banking or upi.

Step 4- Now comes the last step, here you will have to complete video KYC and then your account will be opened. If you have any doubts visit the website and read the complete information about it and you will surely do it easily And then you will be able to open your bank account in IDFC bank easily.

What are the eligibility for opening an IDFC bank account and the required documents?

The website also provides us with information about the eligibility and document required to open a bank account in this bank.

The eligibility is that you need to be an Indian citizen to open an IDFC bank account and you will need to maintain a minimum balance of at least 25 thousand rupees. Now let’s talk about the documents required for opening an IDFC bank account online. According to the site the documents are.

1. Pan Card

2. Aadhar Card

3. Mobile number

4. and two passport size photographs

and for the proof of the address and the identity document of some of the documents, you can also use the following documents, namely – Driver’s License, Voter’s Certificate, Work Card issued by NREGA.

What are the IDFC account interest rates?

As you can clearly see IDFC bank offers high interest on bank account balance. So, according to the website, it offers an interest rate of 6% on the bank account.

As RBI’s new guidance, IDFC bank’s new interest rate is implemented from April where the interest will be calculated on the balance that will remain in the customer’s account at the end of the day.

The site also has detailed information about interest rates, so if you want to know, visit the site.


As a result, the above information provided on the website contains all the detailed information about IDFC bank. The information provided on the site is 100% genuine and absolutely helps you to open a bank account with IDFC bank.

Websites also have information about other banks so how will you open an account in these banks. Visit the website for more.

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