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Governor Ansar Hands Over Assistance For Shipping RT/RW, Posyandu And Students In The Northern Part Of The Republic Of Indonesia

KARIMUNTODAY.COM, TANJUNG PINANG – The Governor of Riau Islands H. paid a working visit to Natuna Regency. Ansari Ahmad will hand over the Riau Islands Provincial Government’s assistance to RT/RW and Posyandu at Sri Serindit Building, Ranai on Monday (24/10). Natuna Regency is in addition to the seven regencies and cities that Governor Ansar has provided similar assistance to. During his visits to each regency and city, it has become Governor Ansar’s routine to show the Riau Islands Provincial Government’s concern for RT/RW and Posyandu.

In this district which directly borders the neighboring countries, Governor Ansar handed over aid totaling Rp. 1,432,200,000. With details, namely cash assistance to RT in the amount of Rp. 829,200,000 which was given to 691 RT persons, each receiving Rp. 1,200,000. Then financial assistance to RW amounting to Rp. 318,000,000 given to 265 RW persons each received Rp. 1,200,000.

Governor Ansar said that the role of RT and RW in development is very fundamental and is at the forefront of direct relations with the community. RT and RW are Government pioneers who have a role as an extension of policy implementation at Kelurahan/Village, Subdistrict, Regency/City, Provincial Government and Central Government levels.

The long span of control between the Provincial Government of the Riau Islands, which is located in Tanjungpinang, and the Regency of Natuna, which is located at the northern tip of Indonesia, makes the role of RT and RW significant as liaisons and policy implementers of the Provincial Government of the Riau Islands to community level. level.

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“A step is needed to strengthen the role of RT and RW in carrying out this very large and basic task. Therefore, the Riau Islands Provincial Government will always focus on strengthening the role of RT and RW in Natuna Regency,” Governor Ansar said.

Not only focusing on strengthening RT and RW, the provincial government of Riau Islands also pays great attention to the existence of integrated service posts (Posyandu). Posyandu is seen as having an equally important role as one of the measures to promote and prevent various potential diseases that are always a concern in the community. Posyandu is also a pioneer in maintaining public health through efforts to improve community nutritional status as well as maternal and child health efforts.

This is in line with efforts to accelerate the reduction of the state of sluggish growth in the Riau Islands province. Based on data from the Nutritional Status Survey of Indonesia (SSGI) in 2021, the prevalence of stunting in the Riau Archipelago province is 17.6 percent, this figure is lower than the national figure of 24.4 percent. In 2022, the prevalence of pychinism is expected to drop to 15.8% and may drop back to 14% in 2024.

In support of the efforts and role of posyandu, the provincial government of Riau Islands pays more attention to the strengthening of Integrated Services Post (Posyandu) in Natuna Regency through Operational Money Assistance which is given to Posyandu in Natuna Regency worth Rp. 285,000,000 for 57 positions. Meanwhile, each posyandu received assistance of Rp. 5,000,000.

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“We hope that through this operational financial assistance, Posyandu can be maximized in the performance of its tasks and functions,” Governor Ansar said.

On the same occasion, Governor Ansar also handed over Student Maritime Transport assistance to SMA N 1 Pulau Tiga, Natuna Regency, amounting to Rp 384,300,000 to the students. In addition, the provincial government of the Riau Islands provided recognition to outstanding students in the form of award certificates.

“We hope that this recognition can be a motivation for students to keep working to do what they want to do.” the best as a generation of quality in supporting the development of the province of the Riau Islands”, Governor Ansar concluded. (Bps/Hms)

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