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Chapter 4208 – 4209 Of A Dish Best Served Cold Novel

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Chapter 4208

The mad knife broke the mountain, revealing the divine power.

“A reckless man, dare you speak?”

“Look at me Anderman, how can I kill you!”

Anderman cannot see such an arrogant person.

Facing Gaia’s offensive, Anderman took the lead and rushed in first.

I saw his hands folded and his body in the air, like a rock spreading its wings and like a tiger descending a mountain.

Stab the sky with a claw, grab it straight!

“Wolf Claw!”

In a low voice, everyone saw that a Heavenly Wolf ghost condensed in front of Anderman.

Then Sirius’s ghost screamed to the sky.

Immediately afterwards, he gallops like a thousand horses, roaring towards Gaia.

Truman’s men used wolf claws as soon as they saw Anderman approaching.

He couldn’t help but shake his head, thinking that Anderman must have been too cautious to kill a pig with a bull knife.

These four dragon gods have been imprisoned for many years, and their abilities are probably no longer at their peak.

Therefore, these Trumen elders naturally feel that Gaia and the others need not be afraid of them.

In the eyes of everyone’s disdain, Gaia did not dodge, rushed with the knife and cut with the knife!

I have a knife, when mountains and rivers are broken, the world is broken!

Oh my!

The moment the mountain fell.

Everyone felt an unmatched heavy breath sweep down.

This kind of feeling, as if Tianzhu Zhe, the whole world is pressed down in their direction.

The immense majesty made Chu Qitian gasp.

“This power…”

“This knife…”

When Chu Qitian and their discoloration changed.

The sword’s vertical and horizontal canopies still fall.

No blocking!

Gaia’s mad knife, almost sweeping away the leaves with the autumn wind, instantly defeated Sirius’ ghost.


The attack was interrupted, and Anderman spat out a mouthful of blood.

Then his body was also shot through by Gaia’s blade.

With a thud, he was pushed into the bowels of a distant mountain.

The ground was shaking and boulders were rolling.

Anderman was immediately buried under the rubble.

“This this..”

“How the hell is that possible?”

Everyone is crazy.

Chu Qitian’s eyes widened.

The elders of Trumen trembled even more and lost their voices.

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A knife!

Just a knife!

Anderman was defeated.

The terrifying power Gaia unleashed made Truman growl and everyone was horrified.

“It’s a knife!”

“Is that the knife?”

“Tell me, what kind of knife are you?”

Chu Qitian quickly saw the key.

You know, Anderman is also in the top 50 power with the title on the list.

In terms of power on paper, it was Gaia’s heyday, and Anderman should be between 55 and 50.

But now, it completely crushes the overall battle situation.

This makes people feel incredible!


“Chu family man, listen to me, this knife is called Broken Mountain!”

Gaia smiled involuntarily.

The crazy knife in the opponent is undoubtedly a favorite.

I thought the child sent by the Dragon Lord was wonderful.

“damn it!”

“I’m going together!”

Seeing that the situation was not good, Chu Qitian immediately ordered the Chumen elders to take action together.


“bring it!”

“Let all you ants see the magnificence of my Dragon God Temple.”

Gaia laughed and charged again with a mad knife.

The rest of the dragon gods, all filled with pride, rushed inside.

Su Muqiu was holding the Blue River Divine Sword, and the sword was cutting the sky.

Cecil, the god of sky and wind, holds Yuanhong in his hand, a small cold light arrives first, and then the spear bursts out like a dragon!

Owen even has the Divine Sword in his hand, and the glow of the scarlet sword is like a line of burning fire.

Four divine soldiers, four titles.

At this point, all shot together.

The terrifying attack engulfed Tianhe and slammed into the Chumen elders.

Naturally, Chumen’s seven elders did not dare to slack off.

They made moves against the enemy.

Some held huge hammers and smashed the ground in fury.

Some waved their air like a dragon, their energy piercing the sky.

Some fists and legs came together, and the rising fists shattered the eight wastes.

In this way, the four dragon gods and the seven titled elders of Chumen had their first and fiercest confrontation.

Chapter 4209

“You can wait?”

On Mount Genting, many people were wringing their hands together nervously.

Ericson Li, Denren Ye and others even prayed in their hearts.

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Pray that Gaia and the others can block the massive offensive of the Trumen elders.

“I’m afraid it is, it’s difficult.”

Zhang Zixi shook her head worriedly.

From Zhang Zixi’s point of view, Anderman’s defeat just now was because he was careless and underestimated the enemy.

This time, the old Trumens are sure to go all out.

Moreover, these Trumen elders are almost all of the top 50 supreme powers of the Heaven Ranking, and they are also cherished by Trumen’s secret.

More importantly, their number is almost twice that of the four dragon gods.

Now that they are working together, Zhang Zixi only thinks that Gaia and the others are afraid of bad luck.

Not only Zhang Zixi thought so, but Chu Qitian also thought so.

He didn’t even shoot.

You don’t even have to do it yourself.

If the seven titles join forces, can’t they kill the four elders?

Just like that, in Chu Qitian’s confident gaze, the two sides’ attacks launched the most ferocious confrontation in the sky above Yunding Mountain.


The thunderous voice spread throughout the world.

It was like 10,000 tons of explosives going off at the same time.

Yundingshan, an ancient mountain, was almost destroyed from the ground.

The ground cracked and rubble fell.

A terrifying shockwave shot out in all directions, centered on the place where the two sides met.

Seeing that the situation was not good, Mark immediately mobilized his energy and held up an invisible barrier in front of Ericson Li and other Noirfork people.

Only in this way can all of Noirfork be saved from the battle.

The storm was still sweeping and the dust in the sky blocked everyone’s view.

Chu Yuan stood proudly in the sky and looked down at Mark. The crazy voice rang out softly, “Are you ready?”

“What are you going to cook?” Mark asked back.

Chu Yuan smiled proudly, “Of course, I will collect the corpses for your four dragon gods.”

“Really?” Mark shook his head, “I think it is too early to say that?”

“What? You still think that your four dragon gods can stop the seven elders under my command?” Chu Yuan sneered and looked at Mark as if he was an idiot.

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“Why not?”

Mark looked calm, and in his faint smile, people could not hear the slightest worry and tension.

Mark’s expression made Chu Yuan immediately frown.

Immediately a bad premonition came to my mind!

And it was at this moment that the dust cleared.

The upcoming battle situation reappeared in everyone’s eyes.

I saw that under the Tianhe River, Gaia and Owen were still standing.

The lance hears, and the sword glistens with blood.

Like four gods, riding on the Tianhe River.

On the other side, just listening to a snort, Chumen’s seven elders were like a kite with a broken string and were shot down by Gaia and the others.

Boom Boom Boom…

There were seven consecutive blows, and the seven titles fell to the ground fiercely and spilled red blood.

“What the?” Chu Qitian’s expression immediately changed.

“How… how is that possible?” Chu Yuan also looked with huge old eyes.

The entire Truman people were stunned.

Shocked beyond words.

“how come?”

“Seven elders, in fact… still can’t beat those four titles?”

The people of Truman simply could not accept this.

Zhang Zixi and others in Noirfork were also shocked.

No one would have thought that these four dragon gods were so powerful.

However, the attack just now only injured the seven elders in Chumen and did not cause any serious damage to them.

Anderman rose quickly from the ruins. He wiped the blood from the corners of his legs and mouth and looked at Gaia and the others with unwilling eyes.

Those blood red eyes seemed to eat up these four dragon gods.

“What happened?”

“You seven can’t beat the four?”

“You are a trash?”

Chu Qitian was furious and scolded Anderman and the others with a black face.

Chu Yuan’s expression was also extremely gloomy.

In the cold eyes, the anger was suppressed.

He was obviously extremely unhappy with Anderman’s performance.

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