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Tips For Getting Cinematic Videos

Spark, one of the best drones from DJI, has a variety of main features that can make your vacation moments unforgettable. This little drone can definitely accompany and capture your vacation moments. DJI itself has provided quite a number of the latest features of this drone device, for example, intelligent flight control with gimbal mechanism technology.

If you want your vacation moments to be captured well with DJI Spark, here are some tips that can help. Even though it’s small, DJI Spark can capture moments and create professional cinematic videos. Here are tips for getting cinematic videos with the DJI Spark.
1. Do your research first

If you want to get the best quality movie videos, remember to do your research first. Try spending some time walking around your vacation spot and looking for odd things to make your video stand out. If you need to pay attention to the interesting places that can be visited before going to a vacation spot.
2. Take photos with a slow and steady technique

The slow motion technique is the best choice when using the DJI Spark. Shooting videos with this technique will give your vacation videos a cinematic feel. This type of filming also makes your videos look more professional.

One of the setting modes that can be selected is to set the gimbal to 50% mode and activate the balancer with at least 5 or less. This DJI Spark setting mode will produce cinematic images that look slow but powerful.

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3. Select camera settings in manual exposure
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Another tip for getting cinematic videos is to set your camera to manual exposure mode. This option for the camera’s manual exposure mode will produce raw video that will be easier to process during the editing process. Especially the color problem in the videos produced by DJI Spark.

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4. Simple shooting technique

DJI Spark is very easy to use, but for a better video shoot opt ​​for simpler techniques. Also, keep in mind that a single DJI Spark flight can only take about 15 minutes of video, so you better use your time well. Choose simple shooting techniques such as zooming into the air or simple up and down movements or vice versa.


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