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Netflix’s “Unsolved Mysteries: Kidnapped by a Father or a Mother” tells the heartbreaking story of Abdul Aziz Khan, who went missing and was believed to have been taken by his mother, Rabia Khalid.

Abdul Khan, Aziz’s father, and Rabia have been tussling in court for a long time over who should have custody of Aziz. The alleged kidnapping was the latest step in the fight. Rubina Khan, Abdul’s sister, was an extra in the present. She talked about how the whole household was affected by what happened. So how about we find out more about her?

(*9*)The place is Rubina Khan Right now?

Rubina Khan thought back to the day Aziz Khan was born in November 2010 and stated that he was one of the best factors that ever came into their household. Abdul cherished spending time with his son as he was a caring father. However, his relationship with Rabia changed over time. They decided to separate in April 2014, and Abdul thought at the time that they had hit it off. They shared custody of Aziz. However, Rubina currently stated that Rabia seemed guarded and that she by no means knew who Rabia was. After they broke up, Rabia moved to Atlanta, Georgia to look for another job.

At first, things had been slightly difficult for Aziz’s father’s household. Rubina added: “He taught us to cherish every second we had with each other.” After being apart for only a few months, Rabia filed for divorce. At the time, Rubina discovered that her grandson’s mother was in constant contact with legal professionals, looking for a strategy to keep Aziz in Atlanta, Georgia. At the same time, people close to Rabia stated that she saved Aziz from seeing his father. After a bitter custody battle, evaluators determined that Abdul should have primary custody of his son.

A trial date was set for 28 November 2017, however, Rabia and Aziz were nowhere to be found while Abdul was there. At the time, Rubina thought Rabia was trying to make the method last longer. However, after appearing interested, they discovered that it was undoubtedly much worse. After Rabia and her husband, Elliot Bourgeois, closed their financial institution accounts and quit their jobs, they seemed to disappear. The police thought they would have Aziz with them. Since then, Aziz, Rabia and Elliot have not had an easy time looking for the US marshals.

Currently, Rubina stated that Aziz’s household will not stop looking for him under any circumstances. She also said, “My household has lost a lot of happiness. We don’t enjoy the holidays as much as we used to.” She lives with her husband Fawad Khan in New Orleans, Louisiana. They love their two children very much. In addition, Rubina is a health care provider, identical to her brother, who can be a health care provider. He did his residency at the Ochsner Clinic in Louisiana. She focuses on inner drugs. Rubina has been a provider of medical services for more than ten years. She has her own app and works with many different hospitals.

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Alan Strauss tries once again in episode 9 of “The Patient” to discover a way out of his basement prison. He believes this can work sooner than anyone discovers the observation in Elias’ hidden physique. In previous episodes, I frequently left Sam’s house to observe different characters. In episode 9, the present goes back to the pattern of the early episodes, and the digital camera remains in Sam’s house. Now that the tip is closing, Sam comes up with a revealing plan to end his suffering once and for all, yet Alan’s fate remains up in the air.

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(*9*)The Patient Episode 9: An overview and advice

Alan continues to try to sharpen his empty foot cream tube and talks to Charlie about it and various issues in a weird way. In addition, he usually has unhealthy goals about Auschwitz, and this time he dreams of waking a person from a bad dream. Alan tells Charlie that he observed the well-known psychiatrist Viktor Frankl in the concentration camp and woke him from a bad dream, which was against Frankl’s personal ideas. Charlie reminds him (and us) that the Austrian psychiatrist who lived through the horrible concentration camps declared that if one had a nightmare in the camps, one should not wake up because the truth was worse than any dream. Charlie sees Alan’s dream as an indication that the human spirit will eventually prevail, however Alan further sees it as a message to himself that he should not let Sam kill him and not use a fight. Alan’s view of the scenario changed as he was afraid to attack Sam sooner than as a result of the loss. Furthermore, it is clear that he sharpened the tube to attack his captor. In the next few scenes, it is also revealed that Alan made an actual plan to do that attack and possibly get out of the house, as he is now certain that his previous plan to cover up a sighting in Elias’s physical It did not work. .

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In this explicit morning, the therapist calls the affected person and tells him that he needs to talk about something necessary. When Sam is available, the therapist tells him that he doesn’t need the younger man to see a single therapist. Alan says that if an affected person changes therapists in the course of treatment, it seems like they are trying to eliminate a simple manner, which almost never works for anyone. However, the man can be clear and honest about the truth that he doesn’t need Sam to see his high school counselor because that could imply that Sam would kill Alan. Sam can be amused and pleased by Alan’s honesty, which makes him believe him that much more. Alan tells his affected person about the works of Viktor Frankl and says that an individual’s relationships are sometimes where they discover their purpose in life. She needs Sam to have a relationship, ideally a romantic one. When Sam says he’s not good at making new associates, Alan takes the opportunity to tell him about his plan. He also says that it would work for Sam to try to get back together with his ex-wife, Mary, because he had a real relationship with her and he wouldn’t have to start over. Sam is unsure at first as he remembers how Mary didn’t perceive some of his actions and wondered if he valued her or not. However, Alan is aware of how to deal with the scenario. Possibly, he can inform that Sam needs to get back together with Mary and is finally ready to convince Sam to see her again. Alan says it would be best if Sam invited Mary over to his house and besides, she could hear what they talked about. The two men try to think of methods to do this, however Alan simply acts like he’s considered sooner than suggesting a baby monitor. Sam also tells his mother, Candace, about this new turn of events. His mother is shocked, however, since she has favored Mary all along, she has nothing to do with this plan. In the end, it was decided that Sam and Mary would sit on the second floor and talk while Alan watched them via a baby room monitor in the basement. Alan says this can help him pick up on Sam’s script and help him, however what he has to do is stab Sam all the while. The empty tube of salve he prepared as a weapon wouldn’t kill Sam in one shot, and no doubt the psychopath would fight again under different conditions. However, Alan believes that Sam would not be able to fight again when Mary is in his house, as he may be too scared to inform Mary of his horrible secrets and techniques.

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Throughout his dialogue with Charlie, the useless good friend/therapist tells Charlie that Alan’s plan could not fail, however, it could cause Sam to kill Mary. Additionally, Charlie considers that if Mary is dead, it could be due to Alan’s selection, and she has to live with it for the rest of her life. Alan doesn’t give up and additionally talks to Sam about how to deal with the gathering. The next morning, Mary involves the house and has brunch with them. Sam stumbles badly when trying to talk about something necessary, and Alan knew this could happen. The younger man nervously walks down to the basement and asks Alan for help. Alan is able to hit Sam with his weapon. Alan can’t go along with his plan, though he feels unhealthy about it as a result. He lets Sam come to the brunch desk again. When Alan hears Mary talking about leaving, he has to call her out and inform her of his scenario so she can help him, however he stops. After Mary leaves, Sam goes down to the basement to inform Alan how upset he is that one of Alan’s plans for him failed. He insisted that he would meet with the high school counselor soon. Alan now tells Sam that he should talk more with his new therapist about his father and how it has affected his life. This plan probably returns the most. Alan was most likely trying to get Sam to tell him more about his father so he could buy himself some extra time. He tells Sam that each of his murders was prompted by his anger at his father, not his anger at the people he killed. He might want Sam to apologize for his actions and stop doing them. However, this has the exact opposite impact, as Sam is now certain that killing his father would stop killing individuals. Along with the made up thoughts, he sets out to find and kill his abusive father and put an end to his killing behavior.

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