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The Government Does Not Pay Attention To The Roads In The Education Area, Demonstrations For Students And Students

IST/BERITA SAMPIT – A speech by one of the participants in the student demonstration in Kotim Education Zone, Jalan Ki Hajar Dewantara.

SAMPIT – BEM and East Kotawaringin District Students Alliance (Kotim) organized a demonstration at the education area of ​​Jalan Ki Hajar Dewantara Sampit on Monday 24 October 2022.

They held the demonstration using loudspeakers and banners demanding a promise to repair Ki Hajar Dewantara road, which was badly damaged.

“Improve Jalan Ki Hajar Dewantara, please make us the gateway to the student and student integrity area. We need promises, not nonsense”, reads the banners carried by the students.

The banner also contained the hashtag Harati failed and the hashtags students were angry.

Meanwhile, STKIP Muhammadiyah BEM chief Sampit Alief, when confirmed, said his party needs road repairs as soon as possible.

“We request the promise to repair the road with the construction of a monument from the student and student education area, because that was the promise of the DPRD yesterday,” said Alief.

Separately, the Department of Public Works, Land Planning and Settlement Areas (DPUPRKP) Kotim claims that it will immediately repair and maintain the roads in the Education Zone namely Jalan Ki Hajar Dewantara, Sampit.

As is known, the road in the education area is currently badly damaged. So as to interfere with the activities of students and college students when crossing the road in the Baamang district area. There are a number of schools and campuses whose main access can only be accessed via this road.

According to PUPRKP Mentana Kotim Office Highways Division Chief Dhinar Tistama, Jalan Ki Hajar Dewantara has introduced a repair plan. He said that next year, in 2023, it will be resolved immediately.

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“Maybe later in 2023 we will deal with this, we also proposed this in the Special Allocation Fund (DAK). So we are still waiting for the verification from the ministry, so we will continue to deal with it and that will also be our focus,” said the Minister of Agriculture.

According to him, Jalan Ki Hajar Dewantara was badly damaged. So that it could not just be maintained, he stressed that the road must be rebuilt, he admitted that his party is still trying to finance it.

“We hope that in 2023 we will be able to do it as soon as possible, it becomes our priority to improve. Because it was badly damaged there. So later it has to be improved,” explained Mentana.


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