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Being The First Grandchild, Everything Blossoms For Sheila Rusly – Soia Lemon

There is nothing more beautiful than the birth of a child. Certainly, married couples are excited to follow the birth of their first child.

However, grandma and grandpa also feel joy, especially when it’s the first grandchild in the family.

The same is the case with actress and host Sheila Rusly, when the first grandchild was born from her son Uzair Haqimy’s marriage to actress Elisya Sandha, who livened up their little family.


Even sweeter, Uzair Haqimy and his wife Elisya Sandha named their first child according to Sheila Rusly’s choice of Bunga Elhaq.

Adding to the excitement, Sheila was also the first person to buy her niece’s items and accessories.

Bunga Elhaq is now four months old and is becoming more and more active and at this age he has already started to explore his surroundings.

Upload Sheila Rusly’s Instagram post sharing a video of her beloved grandson exercising with her husband.

Bunga looked cheerful and sat quietly while her grandmother exercised. It’s good that grandmothers take their grandchildren to explore their surroundings while exercising.

“My Everything” – Sheila Rusly

Meanwhile, Sheila explained that her grandson is a priority for her. Even if you go out to work, you can’t leave flowers for long.

“If I have work, I’ll look at the clock every now and then because I want to get back quickly to meet Bunga.”

However, Sheila told Bunga’s parents to take care of her as usual. He helps to ease the responsibility of his children only if there is work. Despite having a maid, Sheila doesn’t mind taking care of her beloved grandson.

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“For now Bunga is everything. Everywhere you go, you buy him things. My number one chart flower. As for sleeping with his parents. We will not take the place of his parents”.

“I’m just helping to make the responsibilities of the kids a little easier. If his parents have work, I will take care of him. Even if there is an assistant, I still want to take care. It’s okay, it’s still small, so it still needs to be monitored.”

Taking to the comments section, the regular netizen expressed their amazement at how Sheila Rusly treated her first grandchild.

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