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You More Than Anything In The World Chapter 403

Chapter 403 Making the orphanage search for the child

“Alright! I’ll deal with it right now!” The principal immediately motioned for all the children to pass.

Soon about ten children ran in their direction.

They were all rail thin. It was clear that they were all malnourished.

As a mother, Arissa’s heart sank when she noticed how fragile the children looked.

He approached them and looked at them one by one, but he did not find his child.

Noticing the disappointment on her face, the headmaster asked, “What’s the matter, Mrs. York?”

Arissa smiled wryly and told him the truth. “A child of mine has gone missing and to this day, I still have no idea where he is. If you know directors from the other orphanages, could you consult me ​​with them?”

“Sure!” The director nodded. “May I know the child’s birthday?” Do you have his picture?”

“Yes!” Arissa immediately gave him a photo. “He’s one of sextuplets, so he should look more or less like his siblings in this photo, even though there might be a slight weight difference.”

“Great! It should be easier for us to identify the baby now that we know what he looks like. I’ll send them the picture and keep you posted! Could you give me your contact details, Mrs. York?” The director immediately took a photo with his phone and uploaded it to their group chat.


Arissa immediately gave the director her contact information. She also gave Bradley her number in case he missed the principal’s call.

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Benjamin, who had just finished a call, turned and frowned. “Give him my number!”

“What the?” Arissa turned and gave him a puzzled look.

A harsh glint shone in the man’s eyes. He pulled out Arissa’s pen, left the contact number on the paper, and handed it to the director. “My assistant will arrive in a minute and make arrangements with you. Let him know if you need anything else.”

“Thank you, Mr. Graham. What you have provided is more than enough for us!” The director expressed his gratitude.

“With pleasure. I hope we can find the child as soon as possible.” Benjamin nodded and left the orphanage with Arissa.

“Goodbye!” The director led them to the door and said goodbye.

Arissa turned and reminded the headmaster, “Don’t forget to call me when you have information about my child!”

“Understood. I’ll ask them to look into it right now. I’ll keep you updated from time to time, so don’t worry!” replied the headmaster.

Benjamin nodded and nudged Arissa. “Come over. Let’s go.”

Once Arissa got into the car, Benjamin closed the door and ordered the driver to get out.

“What’s wrong with you? Are you in a hurry?” Arissa wondered.

“Let’s not waste time because the child is not here. Ethen will take care of the rest, Benjamin said.

Arissa nodded. Yes, I must not forget that I came here to look for my child.

The two then returned to the Graham residence.

Just as Arissa was about to look through the data, Benjamin grabbed her wrist and pulled her into the dining area.

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“Let’s have a bite first.”

Arissa’s heart began to pound as she stared at the man’s hand gripping her wrist.

“Don’t you have to go back to the office?” she asked.

Benjamin glanced at him.

He was supposed to be at work, but had to leave the office when he learned from his guard that Arissa was looking for her child like a headless chicken in the park.

“Not much work at the office.” Benjamin then pulled out the chair and sat her down.

Arissa suddenly remembered that she had taken a trip to the prison. “Did Danna tell you something?”

“Eat first!” Benjamin instructed the butler to serve him a bowl of soup.

Arissa stared at him steadily and asked in a serious voice, “What did she say?”

Benjamin looked up at the persistent woman.

He lowered his voice and replied, “She said the child was missing and she didn’t know where he was.”

Arissa’s body twitched at this.

How is that possible? My baby is missing and not with Danna…

Benjamin frowned when he saw her pale face. “I’d like to think of it as a blessing in disguise. At least the baby isn’t in her hands and she couldn’t do anything to harm the boy.”

Benjamin made this remark to console Arissa and convince herself to look on the bright side of the turn of events.

Benjamin’s heart sank for a moment.

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