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Game of Heroes 3.15.6 APK + MOD (Quick Win) Download

Legendary: Game of Heroes MOD APK is a Tactical Match 3 Combat RPG from the publisher N3TWORK. The game takes you to the ancient mythical world, the chaotic time of the entire world with a series of fierce battles between the gods and the fiercest monsters in mythology.

Introducing Legendary: Game of Heroes

Dive into the world of Corelles!

Mythical stories about the long war between gods and demons did not appear only during the Diablo era. Long before that, movies, books, and poetry were full of famous works about this turbulent period. No one knows if they are real or not, and no one has ever seen any of the characters either good or evil, just know that those fights became the inspiration for many arts, entertainment and games.

Legendary: Game of Heroes is also inspired by this.


The most attractive thing about the game with the theme of gods and monsters is the plot. The deeper the plot, the more separate layers, the more characters with superhuman skills, the more earthquakes, the more successful the game. The plot is also the glue that binds seemingly unrelated characters and makes all wars have the same common purpose. So the logic is always very smooth and efficient.

In the beautiful world of Corellis where humans and gods share the same roof. One day, dark forces rose from the depths of Hell for unknown reasons and wanted to invade the sacred Corellis.

The story goes back thousands of years. At that time it was the sun god, the head of Corellis was the ruler. The Dark Lord with his endless greed raised his voice loudly and paid a heavy price. He was buried in a dungeon by the sun god with many chains, spells, and layers of seals. The outside of the dungeon was also covered in molten lava flows. There is almost no chance of escaping and returning to the outside world to wreak havoc.

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