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How To Buy Shares In IPOT For New Beginners

For those of you who are already familiar with this one application, of course you are interested in knowing how to buy shares in IPOT. This application product from Indo Premier Sekuritas can be used to transact shares.

First of all, you need to know what IPOT is before you start using it. Many people who still don’t know it, think that this application is just an ordinary application that has no benefits for its users.

Of course this assumption is very wrong. In general, IPOT is a platform specifically designed online which has been integrated and is able to facilitate stock transactions, exchange traded, mutual funds and others.

The name IPOT itself is an abbreviation of Indo Premier Online Technology. In using IPOT, people will be spoiled with one platform, account and payment bank, so users can buy the three products above.

IPOT has now undergone a transformation into a super investment application. This is because the apk has combined all transaction platforms from Indo Premier into one mobile where users can download it for free.

Investment Features In IPOT

Indo Premier, which launched IPOT, is the answer to the need for transformation in business development, especially customers who want to transact shares comprehensively. You can also use various interesting features while buying and selling is done.

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In IPOT itself, there are several interesting features that make it easier for users when they want to invest. The instruments also vary from mutual funds, ETFs to stocks. Here are some of them:

List stock

The stock list contains a list of stocks that you can buy at certain trading hours. Users can also obtain information about fundamentals and technicals when buying and selling shares are carried out by users.

Of course, features like this are very important for all users to know. Just imagine if a feature like this is not available, then stock players will be confused when they want to buy the stock they want.


Another feature is a Market, this feature will make it easier for users to do stock screening on one stock. In addition, it also allows users to view market statistics data in real time real time.

This facility makes user it will be more helpful in terms of making decisions when buying or selling shares in the IPOT application. With this feature you can also analyze which stock market is going up or down.

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Live Trade

This feature is not only available on IPOT but also all stock trading applications. Live Trade will show users all the transactions that are taking place around the world. The hope is that this display is able to provide an overview before estimating the price.

The existence of Live Trade in a stock trading application is considered mandatory and must be displayed clearly. Given that stock trading at certain hours needs to be indicated by real time. Because every time that changes also affects the shift in traffic.

How to buy shares in IPOT

how to buy ipo shares in ipot

Now you can use IPOT to buy shares like similar applications such as IPOTULTIMA, IPOTSTOCK and IPOTGO. It’s just that it has a simpler interface that makes it easier for beginners to use it. Here are some ways to make a purchase:

Have a Securities Account and Personal Account at Indo Premier

The first way to buy shares in the IPOT is to have a securities account at Indopremier Sekuritas. After that, you also have to first install the IPOT application on your cellphone so you can use it login personal use while enjoying the interesting features in it.

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Some users usually still feel confused because the list of shares displayed is only a little. However, you can check it again through the Smart Search menu by clicking the stock or issuer code to search for it yourself if it is not found.

Start Purchase By Click Buy

After you know what the stock code is, the latest information about the stock will appear. Through IPOT, the display shows the fundamentals of the graph so that it looks more concise and sophisticated.

You only need to click on the Buy menu when you are confident with the chosen stock. Be sure to include the purchase lot as well as the offer. If you want to get it directly, then make a purchase in the Offer Price menu.

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Indo Premier Sekuritas actually has many applications based on trading stocks, such as IPOTULTIMA and IPOTSTOCK. Meanwhile, IPOTGO you can use with a simpler appearance so that it is suitable for users trader beginner.

Here’s how to buy shares in ipot through the application directly:

  1. Download and do IPOTGO application installation on HP
  2. Open the app and do log in
  3. Make sure you have securities account at Indo Premier
  4. Click on the menu Registration to have a stock account
  5. Fill it in all data correctly
  6. Click Menu List Stock to check stock list
  7. Click on stock code in the search field to find stocks
  8. Define the shares you will buy
  9. Click on stock code to check information clearly
  10. Check again graphics and fundamentals before buying it
  11. Click on button B on the right to start buying
  12. Define number of lots and share price di menu Buy Order
  13. Make sure transaction details in the trading app
  14. Press on button Submit Buy
  15. Click on the menu Confirm Buy Order for purchase
  16. Click again on the menu Confirm Order
  17. Wait a moment purchase will be processed
  18. Check the section Portfolio if the purchase is successful

How to Buy IPO Shares at IPOT

how to buy shares in mortgage

Another type of stock that you may be able to buy on IPOT is an IPO or Initial Public Offering. This term refers to the shares of a new company to conduct an initial offering on the stock exchange so as to attract the attention of investors.

There are several objectives of establishing a Go Public (IPO) company, such as wanting to get additional capital to expand, improve the image or good name of the company and pay off all debts made by the company.

Here’s how to buy IPO shares at IPOT:

  1. Make sure you have Customer Fund Account at Indo Premier Securities
  2. Check again business risk and prospectus when investing in IPO shares
  3. Sign power of attorney sent by Indo Premier via email
  4. Then send power of attorney signed by email
  5. Do login via the official site Indo Premier
  6. Enter username, PIN and password
  7. Fill it in Book Building form when choosing Fixed Allotment
  8. Fill it in stock purchase order form when selecting Pooling
  9. Fill it in form correctly and clear
  10. Press on the Submit menu to send it
  11. Wait Indo Premiere confirmation Security
  12. Do deposit funds if you have received Trade Confirmation
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Advantages of IPOT Application

After knowing how to buy shares on IPOT, there are several advantages that IPOT users will feel when they start trading shares. First, there are features chatting which is complete and able to show tools as well as indicators to make it easier trader.

In addition, any transaction received can be used by customers. They can also access features from any screen. Another advantage is that the news display is accurately sourced from research so that it helps users when they want to consider decisions.

Transaction reports can also be viewed in full and in detail without the slightest time limit. Some users even have the opportunity to see educational content so that they can increase their knowledge and knowledge in the field of stock investment online.


Those were some of the ways to buy shares on IPOT that are quite easy for you to apply. With several advantages of the application, of course, an interesting reason for beginners to make it an apk choice trading online.

Thus the discussion this time, hopefully it can be very useful for all of you and don’t forget to share it on your respective social media so that other stock players can find out about this very easily too.

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