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Real Drum Mod APK 10.16.0 (No ads) free Download for Android

Music is a universal language which means that all people understand it regardless of their nationality. It doesn’t take much emotion to understand the feelings any music wants to evoke. As a result, there are millions of tracks, albums and artists all over the world which makes the world a better place. So, if you want to play drums without a real drum kit, download Real Drum now! This is the app that gives you virtual drum kits for you to use!

It works just like a real drum set with which you can tap on different drum pads to get a unique sound. As with a real drum set, you’ll need to have the skills to produce a great sound. However, this is also a great app to practice your drumming skills first before buying real drums. You can play on the subway, at the bus station, at school or at home thanks to the app. Enjoy an enjoyable drum experience now.

How does Real Drum work?

Today there are many musical instruments that you can enjoy and play. However, most musical instruments today are very expensive because they can run into hundreds and thousands of dollars. So, for ambitious people who just want to practice and hone their musical skills, this is a problem. Fortunately, there are plenty of apps out there that give people virtual musical instruments! If you want a virtual drum set, you can download Real Drum today!

Real drum mod apk 2021

This app works just like what a real drum set can do. Here, you can enjoy 13 drum pads each with unique sounds and different volumes. You can also customize your collection with your own images and sounds so you can get the sound you want. More than that, you can enjoy tapping on the screen with different fingers simultaneously thanks to the multi-touch feature. Enjoy 33 episodes that you can start and win together today.

There are also 60 rhythm samples that you can practice here. Whether you are a beginner looking to train or an experienced one, this app can be useful for you!

Real drum highlights

If you are looking for a free drum kit, download Real Drum! Enjoy real drum sounds, combinations and rhythms today.

Download Real drum mod apk 2021

Virtual drum set If you look at the market today, the average price of drums will cost anywhere between $300 to $1,000! For a hobbyist or a beginner, this is a huge investment that requires a lot of thought up front. But if you are wondering if there is an alternative to expensive drum sets, there are virtual drum pads! With Real Drum, you can enjoy a virtual drum set that you can use with your phone today. Published by Kolb Apps, this app lets you enjoy drum kits and many more customizations today.

Here, you can enjoy tapping on different drum pads that offer 13 different discs. Then there are also loads of new kits to test out and you can also customize your kit today. More than that, there are several rhythm models that you can try to use to improve your learning experience. Record your drum sessions and improve your skills easily with this app for free! Enjoy tons of features, lessons, drum kits, customizations, and more.

Download real drum game mod apk

13 drum pads – If you want to enjoy drumming to your heart’s content, this app is the answer. Here, you can enjoy 13 different drums in one app. This includes Snare, Tom Toms, Bass, Drum Stool, Ride Cymbal, Crash Cymbal, Hi-Hats and many more. You can enjoy all these things so that you can create amazing sounds with just your phone today. This is the ultimate app for beginners who are looking for a free way to learn drums.

Video Tutorials – Another great feature of this app is the video tutorials that you can access here for free. These lessons are categorized into Basic, Beginner, Dubstep, and many more. So whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner, you can enjoy many video lessons here today. You don’t need to go to YouTube or take online courses just to learn.

Real electronic drum kit mod apk

Customizable drum kits – Apart from drumming, you can also enjoy the virtual look of your drums! Here, you can fully customize your images and sounds. There are also several custom drum kits every month that you can download for free. You can enjoy tropical, pop and steel vibes and many styles to choose from. Find the most downloaded and even new kits in the app now.

Realistic sounds and multi-touch Real Drums let you enjoy the realistic sounds produced by the drum pads! You can also touch the whole screen at the same time to produce amazing effects.

Download Real Drum Mod APK – Latest Version

If you want to enjoy drumming to your heart’s content, download Real Drum now and get a virtual drum set for free.

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